When contemplating the most enriching aspects of life that helps define the world around us, some of the things that come to mind are; beauty in nature, language, and music.  These are gifts freely given and are often present to help bring together the most foundational relationships in our lives. Bethany is blessed to be able to play one of the oldest and seasoned instruments of history that a combines the above in a very distinctive way.

From the polished architecture to the full, rich sound of resonating strings, the harp possesses a graceful beauty. Whether performed with a full orchestra in a crowded concert hall or a beautiful, solitary cathedral building, it’s unique characteristics lend to an atmosphere of celebration and contemplation.
That is what Bethany Rose hopes to bring to the meaningful, treasured moments in the lives of you and your loved ones. When you are planning your wedding, hosting a high tea or even celebrating the life of someone passed on before, the graceful music of the harp can set the tone in a subtle, memorable way.

Whether it’s a wedding or an anniversary party, a reunion or a funeral -or whether you prefer Vivaldi or Andrew Loyd Webber, let Bethany Rose add the memorable touch of harp music to your next special event.

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